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"Freize, the spit boy, is good with animals, he can do anything with horses, he can ride anything."

The broad shouldered, square-faced Freize was a kitchen boy in the monastery. Just a few years older than Luca, he took care of him when he entered the monastery and became his constant and loyal companion. He is of a more lowly status than Luca and refers to his master as 'my little lord'.




Freize’s relationship with animals sets him apart from the rest of the group. He has ‘the horseman’s word’ which means horses listen to him and do as he asks.

He’s also the first to consider that the ‘wolf’ the four meet at Vittorito is something more than a savage beast and it’s this care and attention that allows Luca to solve the mystery.


Freize’s qualities include an intuition with animals, practical skills, common-sense and a caring heart.

His loyalty is revealed when he volunteers to work for Luca and leave the security of the monastery to accompany him on his quest for the Order. Level-headed, witty and resourceful, he is often the voice of reason. But don’t be fooled – it was Freize who identified the Lady Almoner’s silk petticoats which allowed Luca to solve the mystery at the abbey.

"Unusual to find a nun in silk petticoats. Hair shirt yes - that's extreme perhaps, but traditional. Silk petticoats, no." Freize observed