Dark Tracks paperback USA/Canada

Dark Tracks is now available in paperback in the USA and Canada.

This is the fourth of my Order of Darkness books, and my favourite in the series so far. In this novel, our heroes and heroines continue their journey, and find themselves in a village plagued by dancing sickness. They must attempt to solve the mystery of the dancers while also trying not to fall victim to the sickness themselves.

While the dancing outbreak in Dark Tracks is fictional, there have been incidents of such a thing happening in history. One of the biggest epidemics was an outbreak in Strasbourg in 1518, with the number of dancers eventually reaching hundreds, all them seemingly compelled to dance and unable to stop. Many died. There have been a number of theories made to explain the phenomenon, and this is something I explore in the novel.

I do hope you enjoy the book. You can order it at the links below:
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Dark Tracks is also out in paperback in the UK and Australia/New Zealand: