Dark Tracks Now Available

My newest novel, Dark Tracks, is out today in the UK. This is the fourth volume of my Order of Darkness series, and I’m excited to finally share it with you all.

Set in 1461, our travellers have reached Mauthausen in Austria as they journey across Europe. The village is being besieged by people who have inexplicably started dancing, endlessly. The dancers are constantly joined by others, like a plague spreading from one person to the next. They move from place to place, begging and dancing, only stopping when exhaustion takes them. Many of them literally dance to their deaths.

The villagers are terrified of becoming dancers themselves, believing it is a sign of demonic possession. Our travellers must investigate, and try to find out if the dancing is a sign of evil. By doing this, they take the risk of becoming dancers too, and losing themselves to something that does not seem to have a rational explanation. They must deal not only with the fear surrounding the mystery of the dancers, but also the fear that existed between people of different religions at the time, and the reality of medieval antisemitism.

If you are in the UK, you can purchase Dark Tracks here: https://goo.gl/SswHzt

The book will be out in the US and Canada on 30th January, and in Australia and New Zealand on 1st February. It can be pre-ordered at these links:
USCanada | Australia and New Zealand