New bind-up edition of Order of Darkness

The new bind-up edition of my Order of Darkness series is now available. I’m very excited about this release – it combines Changeling, Stormbringers, and Fools’ Gold into one edition with a beautiful new cover that I feel really suits the series.

This was a very enjoyable series to write. It is set during dark days in medieval Europe, when people truly believed the end of days was coming. Our hero, Luca, sets out on a mission for the Church to document any strange occurrences that might be foretelling this catastrophe. On his journey he is accompanied by his loyal servant, the straight-talking Freize. The two also end up travelling with Isolde – a highborn lady trying to regain her inheritance – and Ishraq – a Moor raised alongside Isolde and educated in the traditions of her own culture.

Together, the travellers must make their way across Europe, following the orders of a secretive organisation. They will learn much – not only about the world, but about themselves and each other. I do hope you enjoy this new edition.

The book can be ordered at the following links:
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