Dark Tracks Cover reveal

I’m very pleased to reveal the cover of Dark Tracks, my fourth Order of Darkness novel, which will be out at the end of January. This series is set in the fifteenth century, during the rapid expansion of the Ottoman Empire into Europe. They brought with them the Arab learning in maths, science, medicine and astronomy. For the resident Christians, this was thought to signal the end of the world and the Pope named all non-Christians enemies of the true faith. In this time of great fear and superstition our fictional travellers have been recruited by the Order of Darkness, a Christian group tasked with investigating and reporting on the signs of the end of days.  In Dark Tracks the group have reached Austria, where they are confronted with the reality of medieval antisemitism. I think this is my favourite volume of the series yet – the three previous instalments, Changeling, Stormbringers and Fools’ Gold, are out now in a new combined edition if you’d like to read them in advance of Dark Tracks’ release.  

The book can be pre-ordered at the following links.

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