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Order of Darkness Three-Book Bind-Up
New bind-up edition of Order of Darkness
June 14, 2017

New bind-up edition of Order of Darkness

The new bind-up edition of my Order of Darkness series is now available. I’m very excited about this release – it combines Changeling, Stormbringers, and Fools’ Gold into one edition with a beautiful new cover that I feel really suits the series.

This was a very enjoyable series to write. It is set during dark days in medieval Europe, when people truly believed the end of days was coming. Our hero, Luca, sets out on a mission for the Church to document any strange occurrences that might be foretelling this catastrophe. On his journey he is accompanied by his loyal servant, the straight-talking Freize. The two also end up travelling with Isolde – a highborn lady trying to regain her inheritance – and Ishraq – a Moor raised alongside Isolde and educated in the traditions of her own culture.

Together, the travellers must make their way across Europe, following the orders of a secretive organisation. They will learn much – not only about the world, but about themselves and each other. I do hope you enjoy this new edition.

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Order of Darkness

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The two young men stepped out of the front door of the inn and found the quayside now crowded with boys and girls, some of them barefoot, some of them dressed in little more than rags, all of them travel-stained and weary. Most were seated, exhausted, on the cobblestones; some of them stood looking out to sea. None were older than sixteen, some as young as six or seven, and more of them were coming in through the town gate all the time, as the gatekeeper watched in bewilderment, racking his brains for an excuse to close the gate and shut them out. - Stormbringers

The five travellers on horseback on the rutted track to Pescara made everyone turn and stare: the woman who brought them weak ale in a roadside inn; the peasant building a hewn stone wall by the side of the road; the boy trailing home from school to work in his father’s vineyard. Everyone smiled at the radiance of the couple at the front of the little cavalcade, for they were beautiful, young, and – as anyone could see – falling in love. - Stormbringers

It was the strangest sight. The girl’s hand had swung down as they lifted her; now she was quite unconscious. It seemed that she had fainted when they had pulled her from the barred gate. Her head was rolled back, the little laces from her nightcap brushing the ground as they carried her, her long nightgown trailing in the dust. - Changeling

Slowly, some hours after, the sky grew bright and the five travellers got up from where they had been sitting at the back of the boat and went to the prow to look east where the rising sun was turning the wispy clouds pink and gold with the dawn light. From the back of the boat the boatman called to them that they were entering the Lagoon of Venice, God be praised that they were safe at last after such a night, and at once they felt the movement of the ship quieten as the waves stilled. - Fools' Gold



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